This film is about a man redeemed from 30 years of self-destruction.  From being an illegal Mexican in the US; locked up in San Quentin for murder; deported back to the streets of Juárez and finally dumped nearly dead on arrival in a mental asylum in the desert.  Assuming her father to be dead, his daughter in LA hasn’t seen him in 22 years.  She discovers him on a trailer for this film. This is a story of redemption from the world’s most violent city to the warm heart of a reunited family.

Infested with gangrene and unable to walk, Josué was mentally deranged, his malnourished body punctured by thirty years of drug abuse.  Police casted him out of the traumatised streets of Juárez into the desert and dumped him in a mental asylum run by its own patients.

Assisted by people employing empathy as the only means of survival, Josué transcended certain death by discovering compassion in his darkest hours.

Six years later, Josué manages the asylum.  Now it is his job to give drugs to the sick; to help them walk; to assist in recovering from the same trauma he experienced while living in the streets of the world’s most violent city.  Josué states, ‘I’m not the same person I used to beWhat I do now, I do with love.’  120 patients negotiate madness with compassion in spite of the charnel house that lies beyond the asylum walls.  These untouchables have made their own promised land.  Their asylum from the madness outside.

P1020420Josué visits the demolished house he inhabited with fellow drug addicts, murderers and thieves in Juárez.  He’s told that all of his old friends are now dead.  Attempting to reconcile his broken history, Josué dreams of his estranged daughter in California – last seen 22 years ago when he ran with gangs in LA and served time as a murderer and illegal immigrant with Charles Manson.

Having been told her father was dead, Vanessa never gave up searching.  Trawling over the Internet, she encounters her father in the trailer for this film.  She revisits the old neighbourhood in LA – trying to understand why her father chose addiction over his daughter.

The film maker arranges their meeting in Tijuana.   The reunion offers Josué a chance to redeem his shattered past.  His daughter can begin to forgive him.  They can pick up the pieces and start again.