The Director’s exclusive access to the asylum is resulting in an extremely powerful and unique film.  There is hope and redemption on offer in the harsh world of the asylum and the fact that the patients are still alive is testament to this.  Yet now, the film and its online presence has literally transformed a disappeared person into a father again.  This is the kind of hopeful redemption that dreams are made of.

Just outside the asylum, over 3000 people are murdered each year with impunity in Juárez.  Some say drug cartels, poverty, global trade, corruption.  Those with money have fled.  Most remain trapped.  A universal but very personal hero’s quest in such an enigmatic context offers an accessible and empathetic way into the difficult subjects of violence, death and mental illness.

Both the best selling US writer Charles Bowden and Guardian journalist Ed Vulliamy have encountered and written about ‘the crazy place’ and ‘the human junkyard’ in many books and articles.  They’re supporters of the asylum and this project and acknowledge that Josué’s past, his transformation in the asylum and reuniting with his family offers rare hope in a brutal world.  Something far away from the pornographic sensationalism of most reporting from Juárez.

Imaginarium is co-producing the film with Spring Films and André Singer as Executive Producer.

Over four shoots, the Director has honed his skills of intimately connecting and collaborating with sensitive and damaged people while working with a small crew.   Production is now complete with post production commencing soon.

As of March 2013:

  • 4 x 14 day shoots between August 2011 – January 2013 in Juárez, LA and Tijuana
  • 73 Hours of footage
  • Trailer complete and online along with film website in development
  • Web and Audience Outreach assets attained and marketing plan ready for initial implementation
  • Representation at MeetMarket, Sheffield Docfest 2012 (UK), Verzio Doclab 2012 (Hungary)